Iwasa Misaki

IwasaMisaki SatsujinJiken

AKB48SatsujinJiken IwasaMisaki 2012

Series: AKB48 Murder Mystery
First Appearance: File 5
Last Appearance: File 5
Number of Episode
2 (File 5, Testimony File)
Actor: Iwasa Misaki
Iwasa Misaki's Testimony
Iwasa Misaki00:16

Iwasa Misaki

"Suddenly there were three victims. How long is this going to go on like this? If every member is killed off like this, It won’t just be an empty train station, it’ll be an empty building! I’m scared…"
―Iwasa Misaki's Testimonial[src]

Iwasa Misaki (岩佐美咲?), nicknamed Mikki (みっきー?) and Wasamin (わさみん?), is a member of Team A. She is one of the primary characters in AKB48 Murder Mystery series. She was based on Iwasa Misaki.

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